Graduation day!

We came to the end of our current school year and it was time for us to celebrate the amazing journey the preschool children have had with Little Miracles.  So in honor of the time we spent together,  we celebrated with a fun-filled but memorable preschool graduation with the parents.


People have many different views about whether or not it is appropriate for preschoolers to participate in a graduation ceremony.  This is an approach which is very personal to us and as long as our approach is considered to be meaningful, enriching and in the best interest of the children and their parents, that is all that matters to us.


During the time the children are with us, they grow and learn so much, which is truly amazing!  Therefore, we just do not want the last day of their time with us to come and go as if it was not significant.  We want parents and their children to remember that their preschool days were precious and that we valued every second of their time with us.  It is also a celebration of the closing of their preschool experience and the beginning of new experiences.

Our preschool children all got involved in the graduation celebration with their parents. They marched down individually on the red carpet created especially for them.  They were all so proud and confident little individuals who had no hesitation in taking part in the celebrations.  Parents and carers cheered the children along were all there to witness the celebrations with lots of food and drinks to share.