Using Tapestry at Little Miracles

Here at Little Miracles, we are eager to share our fun and educational experiences with relatives at home, and so far, we have been lucky enough to do this through an online learning journal, known as Tapestry.


Using this system allows us to share moments between the nursery and home, allowing Mum, Dad, or whoever looks after us to see what we’ve been achieving every day! And the best part is, we can upload photos and videos of what we’ve been doing, so our loved ones get a real glimpse into nursery life!

Tapestry also allows approved relatives to write comments on our observations, to let us know how they feel about it, and also allows them to add to the ‘All about me!’ page, giving each of our children a sense of individuality.

To be able to access Tapestry, you will require a personal email address and a password. We will use the email address you gave us at registration and you can set your own password. Once you have signed our consent form, and given it to Shyamalie, we will be able to activate your account and the shared online learning journal will start. It is really important that you read this consent form carefully to ensure we keep all of children safe whilst we are using this system. 

We look forward to sharing happy and long-lasting memories with you throughout your journey here at Little Miracles!

For more information about Tapestry, visit: https://tapestry.info/