Our Ethos


The staff at Little Miracles know that the first 5 years in a child’s life are absolutely crucial to their development. Skills that children haven’t developed in the Early Years are extremely difficult to pick up later on. This often has long-term consequences that can still be measured at age 16.

We understand how important it is for you as a parent to choose an Early Years Provider that understands these consequences and makes every attempt possible to give every child the early education experiences they deserve.

Within our setting all of our staff treat all of our children and their families as individuals. We understand that your child is different from the other children and special in their own way, which is why our staff ensure all children are treated as individuals with their own ideas and challenges. We understand that your family circumstances may not be the same as those of other children and therefore care for the family as a whole. Our key persons aim to build an efficient partnership with you to ensure we are all working towards the same outcomes.

The experiences we offer include:

  • Daily outdoor play allowing your child to develop their gross-motor skill  and challenge them as well as encourage them to take “safe” risks
  • Develop a healthy lifestyle through healthy balanced meals and exercise
  • Lots of encouragement from staff for your child to build relationships with adults and other children in the setting
  • Your child will be treated as an individual allowing them to develop their sense of self-esteem and well-being
  • Activities to develop your child’s attention and listening skills, their understanding and to develop their spoken language
  • Support for your child in developing physical independence, this includes toilet training and self-care skills
  • Preparing your child for school through additional activities such as maths and literacy to a level that is appropriate for your child’s understanding
  • Regular walks through the local neighbourhood to strengthen relationships with the community

These are just examples of what children will experience during their time at Little Miracles.