Our Setting

our setting

The nursery is located in a detached building in a quiet residential area in Chingford, E4. The nursery entrance is located on Normanton Park. We have a ramp towards the front door for ease of access.

Outdoor Space

All the children have access to the large rear garden. The garden is part soft play ground rubber, part bark and is enclosed on all sides. The children enjoy using the play ground floor for riding bicycles, water play and drawing with chalk. In the bark area we have our own mud kitchen allowing children to mix all sorts of concoctions as well as climb over tree trunks and tyres. We encourage physical play allowing children to develop their gross motor skills.


We have 2 large classrooms, one on the ground floor and one on the first floor. The ground floor is reserved for our pre-school children between 3 and 5 years and the upstairs room is for our babies and toddlers from 0 – 3 years.

Both classrooms are bright and a true home from home environment for our children. The upstairs classroom is arranged in a family style grouping with younger babies and older toddlers together in the same classroom. In other settings these children are often educated more isolated from each other, however we see the benefits of grouping children of mixed ages together as they would be in their own families. The babies have older children to look up to and the older children develop a caring attitude towards their smaller friends. We only accept a small number of babies at a time, so please enquire about spaces for children under 2 early. The pre-school room is located on the ground floor and offers free flow to the outside most of the day. Both classrooms have their own toilet facilities attached.

Kitchen and Office

The kitchen and office are located on the top floor of the nursery. All of our meals are prepared freshly on site every day by our cook. The office is used for confidential meetings with parents and other professionals.

The Nursery In Action

A while ago we took part in a project to film the activities of 2 year olds in partnership with the local authority. You can see some snippets of our setting in action in the video below.