Active Kids Vouchers


Sainsburys Active Kids is here and we need your help!

What is it?

It is that time of year again. Shortly Sainsburys will start handing out their Active Kids Vouchers. The vouchers can be collected by schools and nurseries and then we can trade them for some amazing equipment for the children. Our children have already had a look at the catalogue and chosen some things they are interested in

Well it can’t be that difficult?

Well. this is a great idea, as a small setting it can be hard to collect enough vouchers to actually order something. So this year we are hustling for your vouchers.

Please speak to your friends and relatives, ask them to collect vouchers for you as well and then post them into the box. The box will be located in the office this year, but you can hand your vouchers to anyone. If you shop at Sainsburys Local you will receive 1 voucher for every £5.00 spent, in the Sainsburys supermarkets you will receive 1 voucher for every £10.00 spent.


Our Target is 5000 Vouchers, can you help us to achieve that?

We have set ourselves a big target of 5000 vouchers this year, so start collecting and don’t forget to bring them in by JUNE 2016. (we received a big batch last year after we sent our order off and couldn’t use any of them 🙁 )

We will keep you posted on how we are doing.

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