Using Tapestry at Little Miracles

Here at Little Miracles, we are eager to share our fun and educational experiences with relatives at home, and so far, we have been lucky enough to do this through an online learning journal, known as Tapestry.


Using this system allows us to share moments between the nursery and home, allowing Mum, Dad, or whoever looks after us to see what we’ve been achieving every day! And the best part is, we can upload photos and videos of what we’ve been doing, so our loved ones get a real glimpse into nursery life!

Tapestry also allows approved relatives to write comments on our observations, to let us know how they feel about it, and also allows them to add to the ‘All about me!’ page, giving each of our children a sense of individuality.

To be able to access Tapestry, you will require a personal email address and a password. We will use the email address you gave us at registration and you can set your own password. Once you have signed our consent form, and given it to Shyamalie, we will be able to activate your account and the shared online learning journal will start. It is really important that you read this consent form carefully to ensure we keep all of children safe whilst we are using this system. 

We look forward to sharing happy and long-lasting memories with you throughout your journey here at Little Miracles!

For more information about Tapestry, visit: https://tapestry.info/


Graduation day!

We came to the end of our current school year and it was time for us to celebrate the amazing journey the preschool children have had with Little Miracles.  So in honor of the time we spent together,  we celebrated with a fun-filled but memorable preschool graduation with the parents.


People have many different views about whether or not it is appropriate for preschoolers to participate in a graduation ceremony.  This is an approach which is very personal to us and as long as our approach is considered to be meaningful, enriching and in the best interest of the children and their parents, that is all that matters to us.


During the time the children are with us, they grow and learn so much, which is truly amazing!  Therefore, we just do not want the last day of their time with us to come and go as if it was not significant.  We want parents and their children to remember that their preschool days were precious and that we valued every second of their time with us.  It is also a celebration of the closing of their preschool experience and the beginning of new experiences.

Our preschool children all got involved in the graduation celebration with their parents. They marched down individually on the red carpet created especially for them.  They were all so proud and confident little individuals who had no hesitation in taking part in the celebrations.  Parents and carers cheered the children along were all there to witness the celebrations with lots of food and drinks to share.



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Video: What Full Day Care can offer you and your child

At some point last year we took part in some filming in partnership with the local authority to show the benefits of early years education to parents and children alike. To see some snippets of our nursery have a look at the video below.

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Floppy’s Diary

As part of our commitment to strengthen the bond between home and nursery we are currently adding more and more home learning opportunities across the setting. The first part was the introduction of our online learning journals and we have now introduced a new friend to Baby and Toddler Room.

The children were immediately excited when they saw their new friend and they chose to name him Floppy because of his “big floppy ears”.

Floppy will be going home every weekend with a different child and he brings his own diary, so you can record his adventures. We kindly ask that you just go about your weekend as normal, but take Floppy with you wherever you go, so you can snap some pictures and write a diary entry about what your child did with Floppy. Please return him and his diary on the first day you come back to the setting.

DSCN4820 DSCN4821 DSCN4822









We can’t wait to read everyone’s amazing adventures with Floppy!

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How we promote self-care in young children and what that has to do with shoes…

Self-care skills are essential for young children to develop. They allow infants to become independent from their carers and learn to manage their own needs. Overall this gives them a huge confidence boost and a sense of accomplishment. And this starts with something as simple as shoes…

Let me set the following scenario from yesterday. I entered our Baby and Toddler Room around 2.30pm and found 13 highly excited but frustrated children between the ages of 14 and 32 months sitting on the carpet in front of me. I asked them if they were excited to go outside and received a resounding: “Yeeeeah!”. Then I asked who is putting their shoes on… and there was no answer. The children’s shoes were everywhere apart from on their feet and 2 teachers were present pulling on the children’s shoes and getting frustrated with shoe laces on converse. I gave a helping hand and it still took 3 adults nearly 15 minutes to get 13 children’s shoes on. To us (and your children!) these are 15 minutes of valuable outdoor play time these children have just lost – all over shoes. Out of 13 children 2 wore shoes that were remotely easy for children to open, slip their feet in and close.

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Things don’t need to be like that, if we choose practicality over fashion when children are in nursery.

Children that are toilet training need to wear clothes they can attempt to remove in about 20 seconds or less; Jogging Pants, Leggings, Trousers with stretchy waistbands are all great items of clothing. Dungarees however should not be put on a child that needs to toilet themselves unless you like the straps to get inside the loo when they are using the toilet.

Any shoes with a simple buckle or velcro strap are great to promote children’s independence, first when it comes to taking their shoes off and then later when learning to put them on. Hi-top Converse with massive laces however will leave children (and adults) dreading outdoor play.

Your child’s success can be hugely impacted by the simple choices we make daily.

It is a huge part of our curriculum (EYFS) and we are working very hard to teach children to become independent in caring for themselves. The expectations around self-care can be found in the area of Physical Development.

Early Years Foundation Stage – Curriculum

Physical Development Outcomes: What are we expected to teach?

8-20 months: “Can actively cooperate with care routines”

16-26 months: “Shows a desire to help with dressing/undressing routines.”

22-36 months: “Helps with clothing and is beginning to be independent in self-care, but still needs adult support.”

30-50 months: “Dresses with help”

40-60 months: “They manage their own basic hygiene and personal needs successfully, including dressing and going to the toilet independently.

As you can see above we are expected to teach increasing independence in dressing and self care from the age of 16 months onward. You can support your child in managing their needs by providing them with appropriate clothing and footwear and giving them time and space to practice taking off and putting on their own shoes. This will teach your child valuable skills and give them a sense of accomplishment. Children are able to handle many tasks from an age much younger than we often expect. Here are some images to illustrate that:













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Fun In The Park

The children had planned to go on a walk to the park with their teachers. We were all excited to discover that the park had been redone recently and the children were excited to try out the play equipment. After they finished their snack the children started trying out the new climbing frames and see saw. We have been using the magnifying glasses for the last week and some children asked to use the magnifying glasses in the park.

Here are some pictures:

AS on the climbing frameDT on the see saw ET and SM in the car ET magnifying glass KC on climbing frame KC on the slide

MN counting children MN on the rope bridge DT on the frame children lining up


Active Kids Vouchers


Sainsburys Active Kids is here and we need your help!

What is it?

It is that time of year again. Shortly Sainsburys will start handing out their Active Kids Vouchers. The vouchers can be collected by schools and nurseries and then we can trade them for some amazing equipment for the children. Our children have already had a look at the catalogue and chosen some things they are interested in

Well it can’t be that difficult?

Well. this is a great idea, as a small setting it can be hard to collect enough vouchers to actually order something. So this year we are hustling for your vouchers.

Please speak to your friends and relatives, ask them to collect vouchers for you as well and then post them into the box. The box will be located in the office this year, but you can hand your vouchers to anyone. If you shop at Sainsburys Local you will receive 1 voucher for every £5.00 spent, in the Sainsburys supermarkets you will receive 1 voucher for every £10.00 spent.


Our Target is 5000 Vouchers, can you help us to achieve that?

We have set ourselves a big target of 5000 vouchers this year, so start collecting and don’t forget to bring them in by JUNE 2016. (we received a big batch last year after we sent our order off and couldn’t use any of them 🙁 )

We will keep you posted on how we are doing.

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The New Menu is Ready

I have updated the menu page to add the new Nursery Menu.

You can find it here.

The children have been enjoying the new meals and we have had some interesting discussions around what we are eating and what the dishes are called and where they originate from.

If you have suggestions on dishes to add to the next menu, feel free to email me your suggestions.

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The Smallest Kitchen in Chingford? Well it’s had a refurb!

Although we may have first placed guaranteed in a competition of the smallest kitchen in the whole of Chingford, this doesn’t stop us from serving delicious meals for our children day in day out.

Over the Christmas Holidays we have had some much needed work done in our kitchen. We received a new worktop with a bigger sink to take care of all those dishes as well as new cupboard fronts, tiling and a general re-paint.

Here are some pictures of the finished work. Unfortunately… it still doesn’t make the kitchen any bigger!

Kitchen 2 Kitchen 3 kitchen 4 kitchen1