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Video: What Full Day Care can offer you and your child

At some point last year we took part in some filming in partnership with the local authority to show the benefits of early years education to parents and children alike. To see some snippets of our nursery have a look at the video below.

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Floppy’s Diary

As part of our commitment to strengthen the bond between home and nursery we are currently adding more and more home learning opportunities across the setting. The first part was the introduction of our online learning journals and we have now introduced a new friend to Baby and Toddler Room.

The children were immediately excited when they saw their new friend and they chose to name him Floppy because of his “big floppy ears”.

Floppy will be going home every weekend with a different child and he brings his own diary, so you can record his adventures. We kindly ask that you just go about your weekend as normal, but take Floppy with you wherever you go, so you can snap some pictures and write a diary entry about what your child did with Floppy. Please return him and his diary on the first day you come back to the setting.

DSCN4820 DSCN4821 DSCN4822









We can’t wait to read everyone’s amazing adventures with Floppy!

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The Smallest Kitchen in Chingford? Well it’s had a refurb!

Although we may have first placed guaranteed in a competition of the smallest kitchen in the whole of Chingford, this doesn’t stop us from serving delicious meals for our children day in day out.

Over the Christmas Holidays we have had some much needed work done in our kitchen. We received a new worktop with a bigger sink to take care of all those dishes as well as new cupboard fronts, tiling and a general re-paint.

Here are some pictures of the finished work. Unfortunately… it still doesn’t make the kitchen any bigger!

Kitchen 2 Kitchen 3 kitchen 4 kitchen1

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Online Learning Journals are Here

In December 2015 we decided to move with the times and change over to Online Learning Journals. After researching a few different options we have decided to go with Tapestry. Tapestry has been created by the members of the Foundation Stage Forum, a forum for Early Years Teachers, that wanted to reduce the amount of time and effort the current learning journals take. It has great security features, it’s easy for teachers and parents to use and will make partnership working so much easier.




Please click on the picture above to check out Tapestry’s Website and learn more about their awesome features.

We are holding a parent’s evening on 1/2/2016 between 6.00 and 7.30pm for you to be able to experience Tapestry. Please RSVP to the manager or on the facebook event page.