At Little Miracles we take great care to ensure children are not consuming foods they are not supposed to be eating. Every parent completes a dietary requirement sheet during the settling in process and the dietary charts get updated every time a child joins the setting.

Parental Preferences

We understand that there are certain foods you may not wish your child to eat for a variety of reasons. We will accommodate a vegetarian diet and a halal diet free of charge, however for other preferences that are not medically sustained such as a gluten free diet or dairy free diet we may need to charge an extra fee as the products are significantly more expensive.

Allergies and Intolerances

We will cater for all allergies and food intolerances at the nursery free of charge. We are a nut free setting and no nut products are consumed in the classrooms or given to children. Where your child has a specific dietary requirement this should be put in writing by your child’s GP. The letter should include a list of foods the child must not consume as well as the instructions to follow in case the child should have a reaction.

Emergency medication such as  prescribed Piriton or a prescribed Epi-Pen will be kept on site at all times when the child is here and staff will receive specific training in administering these in case of emergency. An ambulance will always be called.

Dietary Requirement Charts and Placemats

Our aim is to prevent children from consuming the wrong foods and we have strong procedures in place to ensure this never happens. We have a dietary chart displayed in all the rooms to ensure all staff know the children’s requirements. Only experiences members of staff serve meals at the nursery and they are regularly questions about the children’s dietary requirements. We also have mats at the back of children’s chairs detailing their food requirements.