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International Month, Babies and Toddlers – Nov 2015

The younger children have also been joining in with the international month. They enjoyed singing the continent song at circle time and many of the children learnt the names of the continents during this week. The children were leaving to go home waving and saying “bye Africa, bye Europe…”



The children also enjoyed making their own continents. They firstly coloured their paper plates blue to make the ocean and then glued the continents onto it. Again the older children enjoyed naming the continents.

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Home Learning

Talk to your children about the places they live in and places they go and how other places for examples in stories you read are “far away”. You can teach your children new concepts and language through lots of songs. Join in and sing the continent song at home:

Links to the EYFS (Curriculum)

8-20 months: Communication and Language: Moves whole bodies to sounds they enjoy such as music or a regular beat.

16-26 months: Communication and Language: Listens to and enjoys rhythmic patterns in rhymes and stories.

22-36 months: Communication and Language: Learns new words very rapidly and is able to use them in communicating.


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