Accidents and First Aid

We aim to keep the children save whenever they are in the nursery, however we realise that there are times where children may have accidents. This can be very distressing for everyone involved so at Little Miracles Day Nursery we ensure that we follow this procedure to make sure everyone is supported through this time.



Location of Accident Files: Office


  • The person that is responsible for reporting accidents and near-misses is the person that witnesses the incident.
  • They must record it on an accident form and report it to the Nursery Manageror Deputy Manager
  • Staff who witness the accident may also countersign the form and in more serious casesprovide a written report regarding the incident.
  • This should be done as soon as the accident is dealt with, so details will still be clearly remembered.
  • The Accident Form records details about where the accident happened, the date and time, what happened and which first aid measures were applied. It also has a space for staff to record whether they have contacted the parent or whether the accident is reportable to Ofsted and RIDDOR. Where the accident is reportable the Nursery Manager will do so within the time-period specified by Ofsted (currently 14 days). This will usually be done sooner if all details have been thoroughly investigated.
  • The Accident File will be kept for a minimum of 21 years and 3 months.
  • Where medical attention is required the nursery manager will inform the parents as soon as possible after ensuring the child’s medical needs are met, which could involve phoning for an ambulance.
  • Under no circumstances will the child be transported to hospital by a member of staff.

The Nursery Manager/registered provider will report any accidents of a serious nature to Ofsted and the local authority child protection team (where necessary). Where relevant such accidents will also be reported to the local authority environmental health department or the Health and Safety Executive and their advice followed.


Ofsted: 0300 123 123 1

LADO: 020 8496 3646


Transporting Children to Hospital

  • Where a child needs urgent medical attention the Nursery Manager will phone for an ambulance
  • Under no circumstances should members of staff remove children from the premises or transport them to hospital in their own vehicles.
  • The most appropriate member of staff must accompany the child to hospital and bring the child’s file as well as an accident reports with them
  • The nursery manager will phone the parents and arrange to meet them at hospital.


First Aid


The first aid box should be kept in a readily accessible place, but out of reach of children. The contents of the first aid box are checked termly and any used items should be reported to the Nursery Manager.


The First Aid Boxes are located: in the Pre-school Room, in the outing bag in the adult toilet, on the window sill in baby room, in the outing bag in baby room, in the office.


We aim to train all members of staff in Paediatric First Aid, although we recognise that there may be a period of time after someone joins where we are waiting for a training place to come up. Anyone that is not trained in First Aid will always be working on shift with someone that is.


Personal Protective Equipment

We provide PPE in every classroom for every member of staff. This includes aprons and gloves. Practitioners are responsible for ensuring their own safety and protecting themselves from blood-bourne diseases. We follow the rule: “If you see blood, wear gloves.


Accidents at home


We understand that children have accidents at home on occasions. Where a child attends the setting with a mark or where a parent advises us of an accident at home, we will request that an accident at home form is completed.



Head Injury

Children will unfortunately bang their head from time to time and we recognise that this form of accident can be more serious than others. For this reason if your child bangs their head at nursery we will.

  • Administer first aid as appropriate
  • Complete an accident form
  • Complete a head injury observation form
  • Call you to let you know of the accident