Baby Milk Policy

At little Miracles Day Nursery we appreciate that we take children from a young age and therefore bottles must be provided.

We provide the following milk for children under a year.

  • SMA First Infant Milk
  • SMA Hungry Infant Milk
  • SMA Comfort Infant Milk
  • Cow and Gate First Infant Milk
  • Cow and Gate Hungrier Babies Infant Milk
  • Cow and Gate Comfort Milk
  • Aptamil First Infant Milk
  • Aptamil Hungry Baby Milk
  • Aptamil Comfort Baby Milk
  • Hipp Organic First Infant Milk
  • Hipp Organic hungry First Infant


Once your child is a year old, you will be required to provide your own baby milk or, alternatively, we will provide cows milk.

If you are providing your own baby milk, we will only give this as follows:-

  • You must provide us with a sealed tin. We will open the tin and date for 28 days. Any leftover milk will be returned to you.
  • Bottles will be made up fresh as your child requires them, and they will be made with boiled hot water and/or boiled cold water
  • You will be required to provide bottles for your child. However,  we will ensure they are sterilised in a steamer steriliser before we make your child`s bottle.
  • We will only make bottles as directed on the instructions.






Reviewed:  8th December  2017