Looked After Children

Little Miracles Day Nursery is committed to ensuring the needs of all children are met while at the nursery setting.


The term “looked after” generally refers to children that are looked after by the local authority. This includes children who are subject to a care order temporarily placed in local authority care. The term “looked after child” denotes the child’s current legal status and the nursery never uses this term to classify children or label them as “LAC”.


At Little Miracles Day Nursery all children are treated as individuals and therefore appropriate discussions take place with the child’s carer regarding the settling in period and the appropriate length of time for the child to be settling. Discussions will also take place with the carer regarding how long the child has been in placement with them and whether they are ready and feel secure to experience a new environment and additional separation.


We understand that there are variety of reasons of why children go into care and we aim to be mindful of the child’s previous experiences. All practitioners are committed to supporting every child in the nursery and will give their best to make the child feel safe and secure with us at all times.


The designated person for looked after children is the Nursery Manager.


Each child will be allocated a key person and the key person will focus on building a relationship with the child and the carer alike. The key person will assist the designated person in completing reports prior to LAC reviews and any other meetings where the nursery setting is represented. Where the case is particularly complex the key person may also be asked to join the designated person during those meetings and provide feedback to the social worker and other professionals involved.


The nursery will also contribute to any other assessments such as Early Help Assessments and Team around the Family Meetings. Where required a Personal Education Plan will also be developed in conjunction with the local authority in which the child is in care.