Nappy and Toilet Changing Policy

At little Miracles Day Nursery we understand the importance of the nappy changing routine.

If your child wears nappies, you will be asked to provide everything that you require to change your child`s nappy i.e. nappies, wipes, creams etc.  We will ensure that your child has their own storage draw to keep these in.

We will ensure that your child is changed/checked every 2 hours.  However, if your child requires changing more frequently we will of course do this.

Each nappy change will be recorded on our nappy changing chart and if your child is in our baby room we will also write this in their communication book.

We will keep spare wipes and nappies at the nursery just in case however, we reserve the right to charge £0.50 per nappy change should you fail to provide the correct items on more than one occasion. (This includes baby wipes). Please note we will not use another child`s items on your child under any circumstance.

When changing your child we will:

  • Always wipe the nappy changing mat before and after changing your child using antibacterial spray.
  • Always wear gloves that are changed for each child and when applying cream
  • Always wear a white apron
  • Always keep one hand on your child at all time
  • Ensure as much as possible that your child`s key person is the person that changes them
  • Use nappy changing time as a learning experience
  • Always ensure that the person changing your child is DBS checked
  • Always ensure that the person changing your child has been trained on our policies and procedures
  • Always clean your child from front to back

Toilet Training

We will support all families in regards to toilet training however, it is unusual for a child to be toilet training before they are 2 years old.

Most of our toilet training is done in our toddler room.

When you decide that you would like to begin toilet training, please discuss this with your child`s key person who will discuss what strategy you would like to use.

Please note we will only begin toilet training once you have introduced this at home.

You will also be required to bring many sets of clothes.  –updated 01/04/2018