Parental Code of Conduct

At Little Miracles Day Nursery we are very fortunate to have supportive and friendly parents. Our parents recognise that educating children is a process that involves partnership between parents, staff and the community. As a partnership, our parents understand the importance of a good working relationship, to equip children with the necessary skills for moving on to school. For these reasons we continue to welcome and encourage parents and carers to participate in the nursery life.

The purpose of this policy is a reminder to all parents, carers and visitors to the nursery about the expected conduct. This is so we can continue to flourish, progress and achieve in an atmosphere of mutual understanding.



We expect parents, carers and visitors to:

  • Respect the ethos of the nursery
  • Understand that both teachers and parents need to work together for the benefit of their children
  • Demonstrate that all members of the nursery community should be treated with respect


In order to demonstrate a peaceful and safe environment, the nursery cannot tolerate parents, carers and visitors exhibiting the following:

  • Disruptive behaviour which threatens to interfere with the operation of the nursery
  • Using loud or offensive language, swearing, cursing, using profane language ordisplaying a temper
  • Discriminating against other staff, parents or children because of their race, religion or disability or any of the other protected characteristics
  • Threatening to do actual bodily harm to a member of staff, visitor, fellow parent or carer, or any other child
  • Damaging nursery property
  • Abusive or threatening emails/ voice message/phone messages
  • Defamatory, offensive or derogatory comments regarding the nursery or any of the children, parents or members of staff at the nursery on the internet.Any concerns you may have about the nursery should be discussed in line with our complaints procedure, so they can be dealt with promptly.
  • Smoking and consumption of alcohol or any other drugs in the vicinity of thenursery


Any behaviour similar to the above mentioned may jeopardise your child’s place at the nursery and placements may be terminated with immediate effect.


Every parent that uses the service of Little Miracles Day Nursery accepts the above parental code of conduct and is responsible for sharing this with anyone coming to the setting to collect children on their behalf.