Children Who Harm Others

Our setting recognises that the harm caused to children by the harmful and bullying behaviour of other children can be significant.

Children who harm others will pose a risk to other children in the setting, home and community and risk management strategies will need to be put in place.

Where this harm involves sexual abuse, serious physical or serious emotional abuse, the safeguarding procedures set out in this policy will be applied.

This setting recognises that children who harm others are likely to have considerable needs themselves and may have experienced or be experiencing significant harm to themselves.


Where a child has caused significant harm to another child, through sexual abuse or serious physical or emotional abuse, the setting will make separate referrals to children’s social care of the victim(s) and perpetrator(s).

Our setting will be mindful of the sections in the London Child Protection Procedures concerning “Harming Others” and “Sexually Active Children” and work closely with social care, the police and other agencies following the investigation of a referral.