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Pyjama Day – Children in Need – Nov 2015


The children had fun today raising money for children in need. Everyone arrived in their pretty pyjama’s and donated £1.00 for a brilliant cause.

Then the children in pre-school went out for a walk. The children decided to take the collection box with us, in case we see anyone we could ask them to donate some money for children in need.

First we visited the co-operative, but we didn’t see anyone that wanted to donate at all, then the children tried to use the cash machine to take out money, but they quickly figured out that they don’t have a card and therefore cannot get money from the cash machine.

Then we went to the barber shop. The children entered the shop and said: ” We are collecting money for poor people!” We had fun chatting to a lovely lady who was getting her hair done as well as the owner of the shop who kindly donated £1 for a good cause.

After that the children decided to visit the mattress shop. The children went to explain again that we are collecting money however this time a little blip happened and Macy asked: “Hello, we are collecting money for posh people. Oh excuse me, poor people!!” 🙂 We all laughed. then Gabriel decided that on the way back to nursery he would like to show us his house. So we went for a walk back past his house, he was very please he knew the way.



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